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Definition of Software Engineering:

Software Engineering has come to mean at least two different things in our industry.  First of all the term "software engineer" has generally replaced the term "programmer".  So, in that sense there is a tendency to extrapolate in people's minds that Software Engineering is merely the act of programming.  Secondly, the term "Software Engineering" has been used to describe "building of software systems which are so large or so complex that they are built by a team or teams of engineers", as was used in Fundamentals of Software Engineering by Ghezzi, Jazayeri, and Mandrioli.  Yet, there is increasing evidence that many of the processes we have been developing for large groups of engineers also apply to the best practices of even individual engineers.

Therefore, for the purpose of the Software Engineering Yellow Pages (SEYP), Software Engineering is intended to mean the best-practice processes used to create and/or maintain software, whether for groups or individuals, in attempt to rid ourselves of the usual haphazard methods that have plagued the software industry.  This would include subjects like Configuration Management, Project Planning, Project Tracking, Software Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Formal Inspections, etc.

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